Did you know that the second wealthiest person in the state of Michigan lives in Portage?

While many of us live paycheck to paycheck, there are 8 Michiganders who made Forbes's list of wealthiest Americans according to the Detroit News. One of these billionaires lives in Portage while the other three are based in Grand Rapids.  The individual median income in the state of Michigan is only $30,732 a year according to DataCommons.org. Meanwhile, we have a handful of Michiganders worth anywhere from 8 to 21 billion dollars each.  Take a gander at the 8 most wealthy billionaire Michiganders below.

Eight Michigan Billionaires

Half of the 8 most wealthy Michiganders are from West Michigan.
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If each of the 8 people listed above pitched in one billion dollars they could likely end hunger and homelessness in Michigan and still be filthy rich.  Meanwhile, we're eating ramen noodles out here.

10 Richest Cities In Michigan

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