Did you know that the 2 strongest earthquakes in Michigan history happened right here in Southwest Michigan?

Morocco, a country in Northern Africa, experienced a devastating 6.8-magnitude earthquake last week.  Nearly 3,000 people are reported dead.  Our thoughts go out to everyone following this devastation.  Thankfully, Michigan has never experienced an earthquake nearly that strong.  However, the Mitten State has been hit with a couple of doozies in recent history.  Below are the 6 earthquakes that registered a 3 or higher on the Richter scale.  You may be surprised to learn that 2 of these earthquakes happened as recently as 2015 and the two most intense Michigan quakes had epicenters in Southwest Michigan.

Biggest Earthquakes in Michigan History

The 6 Michigan earthquakes below are sorted by their intensity on the Ritcher scale according to MichiganWeatherCenter.org. The cities listed are the origin locations A.K.A. epicenters of the quakes.
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Do you have photos or videos that you took during one of the more recent Michigan quakes?  You can share them with us in the comments.

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