There is often a lot of debate about Michigan's seasons, as we do have some fairly harsh winters, especially on the west side of the state. But having four seasons is always a win when fall comes around.

According to a study from LawnStarter, who ranked each state from best to worst to visit in fall, Michigan ranks quite high on the list. If it were up to me, it would have been ranked #1. The cooler temperatures and beautiful fall colors truly make it the best time of year to get out and have some fun in Michigan. But it seems we'll have to settle for the #4 spot on this list.

Which States Topped the 'Best to Visit in Fall' List?

Surprisingly, California (who for the most part only have two seasons: Summer and Not Summer) took the #1 spot, while New York, Washington, Michigan, and Pennsylvania helped round out the Top 5. Louisiana came in dead last, right after Oklahoma. But seriously, only certain parts of California even get to truly experience fall, so how did they land in the first place?

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What Was the Criteria for This 'Best Fall' List?

LawnStarter described how they determined the best and worst states to visit this fall. They paid attention to the length of time the fall foliage will remain before all falling off the trees, the amount of scenic drives, autumn-centered festivals, places to pick pumpkins, cider mills, hiking, camping parks, and so many more factors. What helped get Michigan into the Top 5 were categories like 'Most weeks with Fall foliage' and 'Most wineries.' It seems that we can sip our wine and enjoy those fall colors a lot longer than other states.

As a Michigander who has experienced living in other states in the fall season, I have to say that our state offers a ton of gorgeous fall foliage that make 'fall drives' so unique. And there's nothing like visiting a Michigan cider mill for cider, donuts, pumpkins, hayrides, and even more fun in the fall.

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