Spring is in our sights!

It's been a wacky winter, to say the least. I know we're not entirely out of the woods yet-- this is Pure Michigan after all.

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However, as we anticipate spring-ing forward and April showers, make sure you're ready to welcome spring with these tips for home and garden.

I don't know about you, but I certainly look forward to spending plenty of time out doors this season. Backyard barbecues will be here before you know it!

8 Tips to Prep Your Yard And Home For Spring in Michigan:

Gallery Credit: Lauren Gordon

15 Reasons Why Spring Is Genuinely Michigan's Worst Season

What's great about Michigan is that it actually gets to experience all four seasons in the year. But just because we have all four seasons doesn't mean that we have to like them all. Case and point; Spring is the absolute worst season in Michigan. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely some redeeming factors like the fact that plant life starts to bloom again and that we finally start to see warmer weather after a frigid winter. But that doesn't change the fact that spring is the worst season in Michigan, and we have the receipts to prove it. Take a look at the list below for 15 reasons why spring is just the worst.

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10 Spring Cleaning Chores Only Midwesterners Have To Do

Midwest winters sure give us a lot of extra things to do when the weather warms up. Here are some things you won't want to forget in your spring cleaning endeavors.