The Grammy-nominated comedian, actor, and writer is an Indiana native.

You probably recognize him from his countless TV appearances including his very own sitcom, The Jim Gaffigan Show. The frequent CBS Sunday Morning contributor and current Straight Talk Wireless spokesman is one of the funniest guys around!

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Recently the stand-up took a break from promotion his upcoming "Barely Alive" tour on social media to give a special shout out to Michigan-based Journeyman Distillery and their latest product, which tastes like a bit of home according to Gaffigan:

Journey to Indiana

That's right! If you hadn't heard, Michigan's Journeyman Distillery recently added a second location in Valparaiso, Indiana in addition to their flagship Three Oaks, MI factory.

According to The Times of Northwest Indiana (NWITimes) Journeyman Distillery Founder Bill Welter, who is from Valparaiso himself, decided to expand across state lines after changes to Indiana's Prohibition-era distilling laws took effect in the new year.

Welter is well-known for renovating former factories for distilling operations; Indiana's American Factory campus is located within an old ANCO windshield wiper factory while Michigan's Three Oaks facility is housed in a former corset and buggy whip factory. Neat!

Why Popcorn?

No, he wasn't just fictional creation like Betty Crocker, Orville Redenbacher was a real person! The local celebrity could be seen walking the streets of Valparaiso on any given day.

Redenbacher and his microwave popcorn put Valparaiso on the map and brought a taste of Indiana into homes across America. According to the NIWITimes Journeyman was granted special limited use of the Orville Redebacher name by Conagra.

Gaffigan says the limited-release popcorn whiskey is currently only available at the Valparaiso location, but hopefully it makes its way to Michigan soon! Adds Welter,

 If you grow up in NW Indiana it stays with you...Hope his fans come and check us out as well. They will see there is something very special about Three Oaks and Valparaiso.


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