It may be a brand new year here in Michigan, but that doesn't mean we entered the New Year scam free.

In fact, there is a new scam on the rise here in Michigan that you should be aware of.

New Scam Alert in Michigan

If you're scrolling on social media, you've probably seen this one a lot recently, and I have to admit, I did click on it in a moment of weakness... I did, however, immediately change my password and lock down my account.

This new scam comes in the form of text with a hyper link on the end:

"I can't believe you're gone. I'm going to miss you R.I.P."

At the end of the quote there is a hyper link, that will take you immediately to a page, and could cause your account to get hacked.

via Facebook
via Facebook

Why Is This Scam So Believable?

This scam is more sophisticated than others. The hyper link is a legitimate Facebook link, with emojis attached at the end.

Most scammers will use a link that looks believable, but not 100%, such as

This scam also used emojis in their scam, which I haven't seen yet. It almost makes it seem as if the person actually lost a relative recently and are in mourning.

What To Do If You See This?

If you happen to land this scam on your Facebook page, simply report the post as spam to Facebook, and then contact the friend/relative who's account posted this, so they can retrieve their account and change their password.

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