From a list compiled by the Michigan Department of Corrections, these are the most wanted fugitives at this time here in the state of Michigan.

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We're taking a look at 10 of those on the list of most wanted. Have you seen any of the below?

What Michigan Considers To Be An Escapee

An escapee, as described by the Michigan Department of Corrections is:

"A prisioner who escaped from a prison, a minimum security camp, the Special Alternative Incarceration (bootcamp) Program, a Technical Rule Violation center, a corrections center or who broke their electronic tether. In addition, prisoner who escape from a non-Michigan Department of Corrections location, such as from a county jail while out of prison on a writ, are also included." MDOC.

Not everyone who made today's list is a said escapee.

The Most Wanted Fugitives In Michigan

Most of those who made this list, are in an older age group. Not many of them reside in the age range of 25-40. In fact, a couple on this list may no longer be alive.

Take a look at the list here, and see if you've seen any of the most wanted fugitives here in Michigan.

These Are The 10 Most Wanted Fugitives In Michigan Right Now

According to the Michigan Department of Corrections, these are Michigan's most wanted fugitives. Authorities warn that these fugitives could be armed and dangerous. You should seek local law enforcement if you see them, or submit a tip here.

Ironically, many of the names that are on this list are up in age. So there's a good chance the people on this list are grandparents or no loners amongst the living.

You are still encouraged to report any information you may have to the authorities, or submit a tip here.


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