WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Detroit is home to a lot of great architecture. Some kept up over time, while others lay abandoned over time.

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Nature tends to reclaim the buildings that we so easily forget, and trespassers easily mark the walls with graffiti.

 SEE: Abandoned Detroit Native American Boarding School

Nestled away inside Detroit, lays an old abandoned boarding school, slowly being reclaimed by nature. Certainly not forgotten, as the building still stands, surrounded by a locked gate.

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Take a look at what remains today of that boarding school, below.

Abandoned Native American Boarding School In Michigan

Look inside this abandoned boarding school in Michigan.

See the video below, of the school as well. It looks like the school has been abandoned for some time now, and nature is slowly working its way back in.

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Do you recognize the school or its location at all?

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There are still plenty of abandoned schools, factories and more all spread out across the city of Detroit. While I don't advise you going to look for them, you can still enjoy them from afar. See more from the city of Detroit, here below. Many locations still stand but are being reclaimed by nature itself. 

Inside the Abandoned Detroit Harbor (Boblo) Terminal


Look Inside This Abandoned Detroit Area School With Everything Inside Still

This is a rare find, especially for the Detroit area. Look inside this Detroit area school that still has all its trophies and furniture left inside.