WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Looking for your next urban exploration? This location is beyond astounding.

Hidden away in Detroit, but clearly forgotten by the surrounding area, this abandoned school sits with trophies and desks galore, almost waiting for the students to return.

Abandoned Detroit Area School

This Detroit school seems in too well shape to actually sit abandoned. Trophies are left out and untouched. Desks remain in their usual spots as if awaiting the students to return.

Not to mention the classrooms still have writing on their chalkboards, as if the teacher left the notes on the board the day before, just to return the next day.

Take a look of what remains in this amazingly preserved Detroit, area school, below.

Look Inside This Abandoned Detroit Area School With Everything Inside Still

This is a rare find, especially for the Detroit area. Look inside this Detroit area school that still has all its trophies and furniture left inside.

You can see the actual exploration of the school, below. It's very impressive how much appears to be left and waiting for students to return. It's not often you see so much left in abandoned school untouched.

Most are left to the elements and ransacked and covered in graffiti, plagued by those with nothing more than time on their hands. If you've seen any other abandoned schools in Michigan covered, you know that its very rare to see a school that is abandoned not covered in graffiti or looking like a tornado had gone through it.

Enjoy the exploration video, below.

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