Michigan is home to a handful of billionaires, but most of them fall out of the category of celebrity. For instance, the richest person in Michigan overall is Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and CEO of Rocket Companies (Rocket Mortgage, etc.). The richest woman is Ronda Stryker, the CEO of Stryker Corporation. Neither of these people are really celebrities in the traditional sense. People don't know Gilbert like they do Mark Cuban, you know?

With that in mind, Michigan is also home to plenty of celebrities across a wealth of mediums. Movies, television, sports - take your pick, Michigan makes some special people.

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But the honor of the richest celebrity may not go to who you think. After all, my AI assistant on Google thought it might be Eminem, but it was wrong and so were you if you thought it was Detroit native Marshall Mathers. Eminem in fact, is only worth just over a quarter of the richest celebrity in Michigan at $250 million.

If your mind went to sports instead with a name like Magic Johnson, you'd be much closer. The legendary basketball player who made his name as a Michigan State Spartan is worth $620 million.

Every name pales in comparison to the Queen of Pop though. That's right, Madonna, born in Bay City, Michigan, is the state's richest celebrity worth $850 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Madonna is actually tied for the second-richest singer in the world today behind only Rihanna (the only billionaire at $1.7 billion) and tied with Herb Alpert, who co-wrote legendary hits such as (What A) Wonderful World.

Of course, Madonna owns over $80 million in real estate across the globe alone, so she lives wherever she pleases at any given moment. Wouldn't you with that kind of bankroll? But with Michigan as her birthplace, she's easily the richest celebrity for us to claim.

See where Madonna ranks on the list of the richest celebrities in the world below.

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