It seems like everything is as expensive as it can possibly be. While inflation impacts us all, corporations rake in their record profits as we have no choice but to pay what they charge.

Well, it feels that way, anyway.

While some corporations see the opportunity to raise prices even further, others are taking a step back. After all, lower prices are more likely to bring more customers in rather than just the few who can afford your products.

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Cheapism recently detailed seven national retail chains that are cutting their prices in the face of inflation. One of those chains isn't here in Michigan, but the rest are. So the next time you have to do some shopping, you may want to compare prices with these retailers to save a bit of extra cash.


Aldi is the store you most likely already know about. Aldi is already the cheapest grocery store in the state, and with prices on more than 250 items dropped, customers are even happier to choose from their selection.


Ikea has been dropping prices for a while. In fact, this most recent drop in prices is actually the third time in a year. You may not need to shop at Ikea on a weekly basis or anything like that, but it will be a bit more comfortable to buy that next piece of furniture from the big blue store.


Like Ikea, most shoppers don't need to hit up Michaels every week. But those with a creative touch know prices for quality art supplies has gotten pretty rough. But, more than 5,000 items will have cheaper price tags at Michaels moving forward.

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It may not always seem like it, but Walmart's prices are generally lower than their competitors. That said, you have to know what to buy there. For instance, Walmart is introducing a new grocery brand called Bettergoods which features cheaper prices.


Target cut prices on 1,500 items recently and has plans to do so for around 5,000 total items through the summer. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.


Amazon is cutting prices to compete with Walmart and Target, to be clear, but the saving are there for the taking. Amazon Fresh is where you want to look, though. That's where shoppers can potentially save up to 30% every day on 4,000+ items online and in-store with discounts rotating weekly.

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