As a Michigan resident or native, do you take pride in your Michiganderness? If so, is it something you need to be born into or can you attain the status of being a Michigander?

It's an interesting question, particularly when considering the subset of Michiganders known as Yoopers many of whom pride themselves on using the moniker only if one is a true native of the Upper Peninsula.

The question on demonyms comes up thanks to our neighbors to the south in Indiana where someone asked how long someone must live in that state until they become a Hoosier. While that thread quickly devolved into tired Midwest tropes, the question is a good one, particularly for prideful Michiganders like this one who commented,

As a native Michigander...I have no intention of ever calling myself a Hoosier, 99% because this is not where my heart lives, it is not home, and I did not end up here completely by my own choice (and do not have the means to leave).

If my daughter decides she wants to call herself a Hoosier (actually born here), that's fine. But me? No way. I don't even like tenderloin sandwiches.

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Ope. No tenderloin love in Indiana is like a Michigander rejecting Faygo, fudge, Vernors and coneys.

So for those seeking Michiganderhood, can it be claimed if you weren't born here? Can one become a naturalized Michigander?

Many would say you could. A Michigan drivers licence should just about do it.

In the UP, it gets tricker. While all Yoopers are Michiganders, Perhaps only native born Yoopers can ever claim the demonym.

It's a common joke to refer to Michigander from under the Mackinac Bridge as Trolls. A lesser known phrase is someone who is a Trooper. That's a troll who has moved to the Upper Peninsula. They'll never be a true Yooper, but can be a Trooper.

But what happens in reverse? A Yooper who moves away, particularly to the Lower Peninsula? There isn't a name for someone like that? Perhaps being a Yooper is like being a Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine = once a Yooper, always a Yooper no matter your physical location.

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