In case you haven't noticed it, convenience store chains have been having a moment. Many gas station chains have been greatly adding to their offering to differentiate themselves among drivers who need to fill up.

It's difficult to deny the popularity of the Buc-ee's brand. The Texas-based chain has been quickly expanding its footprint across the South and has made converts to its brand wherever it goes.

West Michigan has seen regional midwest chains Kum and Go as well as Casey's General Store which made its first Michigan beachhead in Berrien County.

One well-known and beloved chain that has not yet targeted Michigan is Wawa. The Pennsylvania convenience store is arguably much better known for its hoagie sandwiches than its gasoline.

Wawa is getting very close to the Mitten, however. The chain has announced expansion plans into both Ohio and Indiana. The chain has its sights set on 60 stores in each of the new states on its locations map. However, for Michigan drivers looking to sample that hoagie, it won't be quite as easy as a quick dip south across the border.

Wawa's target locations are generally Indianapolis and east/southeast from there in Indiana while it's Cincinnati and Dayton regions of Ohio.

The first Wawas in the Great Lakes region are anticipated for 2025 openings.

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