There may not be a pageant for most bug-infested park ranger, but if there was, someone in Michigan is getting a sash. Two recent photos shared by National Lakeshores in the state show off a common summer issue - an abundance of pesky flying insects.

The little photo flame war was ignited by the social media pages for Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on the shores of Lake Superior in Munising. They shared this image of a ranger in a great high school senior pose showing off his infestation.

Not to be outdone, Sleeping Bear Dunes on the Lake Michigan coast in Michigan's northern Lower Peninsula shared this even buggier pant leg.

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And if you're wondering how things are going at Isle Royale in terms of bugs - don't even ask. They're not getting out from their tents.

Joking aside, a more mild winter has allowed the mosquitos and black files to populate Michigan in abundance this summer.

As for how to handle the pests and still enjoy time in nature. The advice is pretty straightforward - long pants, long sleeves and repellant.

The bug sprays are, of course, a good choice for insects like mosquitoes. However the stable flines, like the ones shown in the Pictured Rocks photo are not affected by bug sprays. The only defence is to expose a little skin as possible.

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