I love getting surprise mail, especially if it's a package or present I didn't order for myself.

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However if you'll get something that seems off, or like it wasn't intended for you you may want to be wary. There are some not so nice people out there trying to use these fun surprises against you.

If you find yourself opening a random package only to find a diamond ring and thinking "wow, I'm lucky" turns out, It's a part of a new mail scam intended to trick others using your likeness.

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According to the United States Postal Inspection Service, with these scams there is often not a return address or the return address is a retailer. The idea is that they send you an unsolicited item, and then they use your information to give a fake review of the product.

And while you may think to yourself "oh well, at least I get a free ring", it's actually an indication that your information have may have been compromised.

What should I do if I get a random diamond ring in the mail?

You have a few options according to the USPIS on what you can do if you are a victim of this weird scam:

  • Don't pay for it
  • Return to sender (If it has a return address, and it's unopened, mark it “RETURN TO SENDER” and USPS will return it at no charge to you)
  • Throw it away or keep It (if it's free and cute, might as well)
  • This one is important- change your account passwords and watch your card statements / credit reports
  • Notify Authorities
  • Be Wary Before Opening 
  • Notify The Retailer (If unsolicited merchandise arrives from Amazon, eBay, or another third-party seller, go to that company’s website and file a fraud report. You should also ask the company to remove any fake reviews under your name.)

So good luck out there and make sure you protect yourself from any unwanted scams like these.

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