You may soon have one less place to fill-up your vehicle on your next roadtrip.

Depending on how far you're driving, you may notice hundreds of gas stations that are now closed.

A recognizable name among gas stations and oil companies has announced plans to shutdown almost 500 locations.

Gas Stations Closing In 2024 And 2025.

The Street recently dug through the latest Energy Transition Strategy report from Shell and noticed an interesting tidbit of information. The company is looking to move away from some of its retail locations.

According to the website, Shell will "divest" nearly 500 gas stations. The closures are expected to be spread across this year and 2025.

So far, it looks like the only sites that will be affected will be ones directly owned by Shell.

The company says it has more than 13,000 stations spread across the U.S. and 45,000 Shell-branded locations worldwide.

Gas Prices outside a Shell Gas Station
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Why Shell Is Closing Gas Stations

Shell made its intentions clear in the company's Energy Transition Report. They want to change to better meet customer needs when it comes to electric vehicles.

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"We aim to grow our public charging station network for electric vehicles, and remain one of the world's largest blenders and distributors of biofuel," the report states.

Part of the move will be to offer more low-carbon products while the company predicts decreased sales of those that contain petrol and diesel. Shell hopes to reduce the amount of carbon emissions from its customers by as much as 20% in the next six years.

Big Brands Closing Locations in 2024

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