People are upset about one of the most popular breakfast sandwiches at McDonald's

Prices and portions at the fast food giant have been the main targets of several viral social media posts in recent months. Just last month, videos were shared by diners on TikTok who claimed the Filet-O-Fish sandwich was shrinking. McDonald's has since denied any notion of a size reduction.

Angered McDonald's fans have now turned their attention to a different menu item.

Have McDonald's Breakfast Prices Changed?

Food blog Eat This, Not That! recently noted the increase of online vitriol directed at the McDonald's Egg McMuffin. The website pointed toward a recent post from a New York-based Investment Group that "revealed just how expensive some fast-food eateries have become–and customers are sounding off about the price increases on social media."

McDonald's Egg McMuffin
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Bespoke posted a photo of a McDonald's receipt on X (formerly Twitter) earlier this week. Among the items in the order on the receipt were two Egg McMuffins for a combined $14.58.

"What has the world come to," the post reads. "These were 2 for $2 pretty recently."

Delish has been writing about the increase in prices on the McDonald's menu since late last year. One article noted McDonald's reporting record revenue while prices were at an all-time high at the restaurants.

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"Rising dissatisfaction over pricing at the fast food restaurant seems to be at an all-time high following news that McDonald's pulled in $6.69 billion in revenue in a span of three months," Delish reported.

Why You Shouldn't Get Frustrated By The Viral McDonald's Receipt Photo

As expected, several commenters hopped on the post to voice their displeasure for McDonald's prices.

"And I was complaining about a box of Wheat Chex costing $6.99," X user @DA-ders said. "At least I get 6 servings."

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Among the pricing complaints, however, are a handful of replies from those who did a quick search of the address on the receipt. The McDonald's location is within a travel plaza off of the busy Interstate 95, which was not noted in the text of the original post.

McDonald's and other similar restaurants in travel plazas and airports have been notorious for having much higher prices for several years.

"You made several rookie mistakes," X user @ArbCowboy said. "Never buy from (a) rest stop. Get the McDonald's app."

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