This is so good.

A city in Oklahoma has put up a 50-foot leg lamp for the holidays and people are loving it.

Yes, this is a replica of the lamp made famous from the movie "A Christmas Story" and folks are flocking to Chickasha, OK to get a photo with this iconic Christmas decoration.

The lamp is reportedly built entirely out of fiberglass and the sculpture is located in Chickasha's new downtown park.

You'll also notice that at the base of this lamp is a crate, which too resembles what the lamp arrived in in the 1983 Christmas movie.

Here are a few more photos and videos of the structure that is so appealing to many in the region.

Someone even showed up in front of the lamp dressed in the pajamas Ralphie received as a Christmas gift in the movie. This is great.

Here's another video from where the leg lamp stands and here you can see it snowing in the video below. This has Christmas written all over it.


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