A trend on TikTok has animal owners spinning in circles with their furry creatures, but some are now speaking out against it.

How Are People Spinning With Their Animals On TikTok?

Cosmopolitan calls the trend "a combination of weird, cute, and at times distressing since some of these animals are not having it."

The whimsical videos set to Taylor Swift's "August" typically start with the TikTok user approaching an animal.

The camera is attached to the humans upper body or wedged between their chin and upper chest area.

Animals are then picked up and spun in a circle while the video focuses on their faces.

Posts featuring the animals have amassed thousands of views.

The trend has continued to grow on TikTok in recent weeks. What was once content made by cat and dog owners has grown to also include farm animals.

Should You Spin Your Animals In Circles?

A recent article published by Forbes suggests staying away from the trend as it can "distress" the animals.

Forbes zeroed in on cat owners who have been featuring their felines spinning to Taylor Swift.

"In one video, liked more than 110,000 times, a cat seems visibly distressed and tries biting its owner while in mid-air," the article states.

Forbes went on to share information from charity organization Cats Protection who says "cats in particular may be sensitive to being spun around."

How To Properly Lift Cats and Dogs

Great Pet Care recommends supporting both the cat's front and back legs when lifting the animal into the air.

For dogs, Rover.com says how you lift depends on the breed and size, but supporting its chest is always key.

In some cases, more than one person is needed to properly support the animal. Owners should consult a veterinarian for proper handling instructions specific to their pet.

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