We're back yet again with another closure as the world is still dealing with the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, the shutdown, and inflation. Companies have been raising prices as they try to recover from the losses, they faced in 2020 and 2021 while also trying to allocate for the rising costs that we are seeing every single day. This has resulted in many companies going under because they aren't able to have profits but are instead losing more money.

This mostly affected the small and locally owned businesses but in the recent year and some change, the closings have started to get under the skin of the biggest companies and their leadership. We have seen Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Rite Aid, Bed Bath and Beyond, and more large retail store chains shutter the doors of multiple locations across the U.S. The next one that will become victim to the closure bug is Walgreens and they will be closing many locations in Michigan, are any of the locations near you?

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Walgreens announced that they would be closing another 150 stores across the U.S this year while simultaneously closing over 300 "Boots" locations, which is their United Kingdom equivalent. They have cited falling profits from covid vaccines and tests, along with inflation as to why the company can't afford to hang on to these locations. Michigan is on the list as most of the country is, but where are the Michigan locations that will be closing.

The tricky part about all of this is that they haven't released which stores will be closing to the public just yet. They do know that they will be shutting down 150 stores across the country, but the public does not know which ones. Some of us have gotten some inside knowledge as Kalamazoo has been affected by this shut down. There will be many more stores within Michigan that will shut down, but as of now we don't know where or how many.

One store here in Kalamazoo is going to be closing and there is one additional factor in why their doors will be closing. The Walgreens that sits at the corner of Riverview Drive and Gull Road will be officially closing their doors on February 22nd, citing theft as one of the reasons why. This is my Walgreens store for pharmacy visits and other usage, so I was sent a letter letting me know where my new services will be. If you are using this Walgreens or other locations, then you should check your mail for a similar letter.

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