Last week, USPS asked Michigan residents to check their mailboxes to ensure they were safe and clean for mail carriers to visit and deliver mail. This was a part of Mailbox Improvement Week, which takes place nationwide during the 3rd week of May every year. I had no clue that there was even a Mailbox Improvement Week, but now that we do I hope you read up on it and cleaned your mailbox for our wonderful mail carriers.

Now, USPS may be starting to get greedy with these requests as they are coming back to back but in retrospect, they have to be able to deliver our mail and packages safely. The landscape of the mail-carrying world has changed since the Covid-19 pandemic and everyone's shopping styles have also changed. Due to the shutdown which caused backlogged orders and an influx of mail, some changes are needed. USPS is asking Michigan residents to make this one change to make mail carriers' jobs easier and to keep your mail safer.

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USPS is back with another request, asking Michigan residents to get bigger mailboxes for a few years. They want the mailboxes to be easier for their mail carriers to use when they drop mail and packages. Yes, you heard that right, packages, which have become a more common occurrence for USPS mail carriers. As more online shopping occurs there are more packages delivered every single day, and many of them are often left unattended on porches.

The larger mailboxes are intended to combat leaving packages unattended and therefore protecting them from porch pirates. USPS mail carriers would be able to insert most if not all of your packages into your mailbox, hiding them from plain sight, and keeping them safe while you're not home. They would like Michigan residents to purchase what they refer to as the Jumbo mailbox.

When asked about the move to the Jumbo mailbox, an official from USPS said the following:

The encouragement to use the (jumbo) mailboxes comes from wanting customers to have an option to accommodate all their mail pieces and packages. Being able to have all of your mail items in your box prevents oversize items from being left at the door when a customer is not home.

If you're interested in upgrading to a new, jumbo mailbox you can get one at home improvement stores like Home Depot, Lowe's, True Value stores, or Walmart.

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