Inflation has been a topic of discussion in every board room, coffee shop, dinner table, and everywhere else. There isn't a single person in the country who isn't feeling the effects of the inflation cycle that were under. It seems like the prices for the necessities and things we enjoy are rising everyday while our salaries are staying where they are. This had made paying for routine things like groceries, car maintenance, and other expenses much more difficult and even a hassle for some.

Many companies have decided to make things easier on their customers in response to the economic climate we are currently in. Many of them have released coupons or have started rewards programs that offer free or discounted merchandise for their loyalty as a customer. Target is looking to join another company in making an even bigger change that should benefit their customers and their families more than the business. Target will be following the actions of Aldi and lowering some of their prices.

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Target has vowed to lower their prices on nearly 1,500 items as inflation continues to affect America. They are looking to make shopping easier on their customers as they are able to knock off somewhere between 20 and 50 cents on each item. They have confirmed that the following items have already gotten a price decrease:

  • milk,
  • meat
  • bread
  • soda
  • fresh fruit and vegetables
  • snacks
  • yogurt
  • peanut butter
  • coffee
  • diapers
  • paper towels
  • and pet food.

Target said that's not where the party ends and there are more low prices to come. The retailer has said they are planning to lower the cost of nearly 5,000 items before the summertime hits. Sometimes companies do the right thing, and this time Target is near the top of the list as they try to make the lives of their customers easier.

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