We are told as young kids that everything we do is being watched and that we are a representation of more than just ourselves. You find this to be true very early in life as getting in trouble in school always meant your parents finding out or you do something and don't think anyone is watching and then your grandparents bring it up to you because someone they knew saw you. You can't escape your actions as they all have consequences whether they are good or bad, which means most of us are taught to treat everyone with respect.

Many of us believe that if we raise our children and mentees in the way that they should go they won't depart but that's only partially true. Children and teens are going to be themselves which means they are going to make mistakes and other questionable decisions while growing up. Yes, most decisions they make can be addressed, forgiven, and corrected but some are harder to recover from both within the family and the world. Many parents don't want to believe their children are rude but for this Michigan city that is the sad reality they have to live with.

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It's no secret that children of today's world are a little bit different than they were as we were growing up. It's not entirely their fault as they are subject to much more technology and social media than we ever were. Although this is a new challenge they have been struggling with authority figures and often lash out when things don't go their way. For some, these actions come off as rude but this is just the beginning of today's youth and their level of rudeness.

Now, not all teens are rude and not all teens in this Michigan city are rude but a lot of them are which skews the data. Detroit probably doesn't come as a surprise for this list as it is the largest in Michigan and has the most amount of teens in the area.

After surveying Americans in the largest cities across the country and asking what behaviors they have witnessed by kids of all ages. Using those responses, we awarded points to those who experienced these behaviors and ranked cities according to those scores Solitaired researched to find the rudest teens by city in the United States and this is what they found.

Detroit comes in as the 10th rudest city for teens in the year of 2024 which isn't terrible but isn't great either. In fact, Detroit is the only city to see no change in kids' behaviors as the city remains 10th in both the 2023 and 2024 reports. Detroit was given a rudeness score of 86.4 which is just .3 behind Indianapolis and places Detroit 10th in the country.

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