It seems like we have this conversation about some form of our money being worth much more than we would perceive it to be. It honestly makes me wonder how much the United States currency is valued within our economy and other economies around the world. I have a sense that we are given a fabricated number and that we are in a much less favorable financial situation than we believe.

That's neither here nor there, I was speaking more so on the dollar bills and coins that are navigating the country. We have seen several different dollar bills and coins have rarities to them, driving their value through the roof. Every time there is a story of some event that caused the minting error or rarity, but I'm starting to think that they were doing this on purpose because why is it happening so often? Either way, Michigan residents should dive into their coin purses, piggy banks, and other coin storage as they could be thousands of dollars richer.

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There are two coins that Michiganders should be looking for, quarters and dimes. Now that you have all of your quarters and dimes pulled to the side, let's look for those coins minted in 1965 and set them aside. You can now put the rest of your coins back in their respective places as they will not be needed. The desired quarters have been sold for as much as $7,000, while the dimes have been sold for as much as $9,0000.

The minting error in question is easy enough to spot that the naked eye is enough and a magnifying glass is not needed. We are not looking for a dye or double minting issue but instead a material issue. Sidenote: quarters and dimes in 1964 were minted with 90% silver and the US Mint made a mistake in the following year, resulting in many dimes and quarters minted in 1965 with 90% silver.

Do you think you have one of those quarters or dimes minted in 1965? Well, now it's time to put it to the test. You're looking for a very distinctive silver rim that will pop out at you. if you have even just one of these coins, you could be thousands of dollars richer. You would just have to sell it.

Yes, These Quarters Really Are Worth Thousands of Dollars

There's never been a better reason to sort your pocket change!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM