In the last 5 years, the United States has seen unreal levels of inflation affecting every part of our lives. Everything from gas, insurance, and the housing market to clothing, services, and even food. Fast food has been one of the industries that have "grown" the most during this time of inflation after the Covid-19 pandemic. Although they have reported the rise in prices for products they are still reporting record levels of profitability, so what's going on?

Personally, there's no way that the inflation prices are that high for them to be purchasing bulk materials to where they have to continue raising prices. There are some places in the country where fast food meals are reaching $20 while the corporate office team is swimming in cash and eating steak all the time. Why is it okay that we all struggle to live paycheck to paycheck while they keep raising prices to stuff their pockets? Well, that may be changing as Mcdonald's is introducing a new value meal to bring customers back through the door.

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Mcdonald's has reported a small decline in revenue after the first quarter of 2024 and they have already started brainstorming how to gain the lost revenue back. They noticed that they were losing traction with families that were middle or lower class and were trying to find ways to be appealing to all. They attribute this decline to rising inflation costs of not only the products they purchase but their products as well.

In response to these numbers, McDonald's has been throwing around the possibility of introducing a new value meal to the menu that is affordable for everyone. The new meal would feature the option to choose either a McChicken or A McDouble which will come with a medium fry and drink, all for just 5 bucks.

Although they are potentially adding this $5 value meal for everyone to enjoy, they are still expecting their prices to rise a total of 10% over the rest of 2024. Are you choosing a McChicken or a McDouble with your value meal?

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