The other day we learned that Cary Fukunaga had departed the two-part big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s It, following a move from Warner Bros. to New Line. The reason given for his departure was the standard “creative differences” along with reported budget cuts. The latest rumor about the film is definitely interesting: It has moved back over to Warner Bros., which is currently seeking a new director to move ahead with the project.

According to Bloody Disgusting, It is now back at WB and the studio is planning to move ahead with the film without Fukunaga — although they will be using his scripts for both films. The first film is set in the ‘80s and follows the main characters as children battling the sinister entity they call “It,” while the second film moves the action to present day, as the friends are called back home to face the evil It once more.

Here’s what’s interesting: the initial report from a couple of days ago claimed that one of the reasons for Fukunaga’s departure was New Line’s budget, which wouldn’t allow him to shoot in New York. Today’s report suggests that WB is planning for the film to go ahead and shoot in New York once they hire a new director.

It’s been rumored that Fukunaga is a difficult director to work with, and if true, this latest report confirms what some had suspected: WB wanted him off the project. And since they have the rights to his screenplay(s), they can move forward with someone a little easier to work with.

So while we’ll never see a Fukunaga-directed It, we will probably see an adaptation of his screenplay — although with a new director in place, it’s likely that his script will be revised prior to filming.

There aren’t many directors I can think of who could fill Fukunaga’s shoes on this one, but a few that come to mind: James Wan, who works very well with studios and delivers excellent horror; Jennifer Kent, the director of acclaimed Australian horror The Babadook; Ivan Kavanagh, the director of genuinely creepy Irish horror film The Canal; or Ti West, director of The Sacrament — should any of them be interested.