It's been a rough few months for the Holiday Inn Gateway Center in Flint, Like many businesses they struggled through the ongoing pandemic to keep things going. Then in December, the hotel lost its franchise branding with the Intercontinental Hotels Group. Now, rumors are swirling that the end may be near for the once-popular local hotel.

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When you call the hotel it sounds like business as usual. The recording talks about renovations and big plans for the venue situated between I-75 & US-23. Since it was built in 1990, the location has been popular for large events such as weddings, conventions, class reunions and more since it's the largest banquet facicilty in Genesee County holding up to 500 people. Still, what's going on behind closed doors seems to be something less than business as usual.

According to ABC-12, the hotel has notified some clients that their scheduled events will not be happening because the venue is closing. According to the report, ELGA Credit Union was scheduled to hold an event at the Holiday Inn Gateway Center in March and recieved a phone call from the center saying they needed to cancel since they were closing. There wasn't much more information provided in the call.

“It was just I'm sorry we're closing, we're not going to be able to have your party,” Karen Church, CEO of ELGA Credit Union told ABC-12.

I tried to call the venue myself and inquired about having an event there. I was told the person who handles the bookings was no longer with the hotel, and they would find someone to call me back. When I inquired if the center was in fact closing their doors, the woman on the phone simply siaid, "I just don't know".

The Holiday Inn Gateway Center is owned by Terry Riddle, who has not yet commented on the closure rumors.

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