You can call them by their proper name, “Waffle Chip Dippers,” all you want. Those, friends, are ice cream nachos. Baskin-Robbins is selling them at select locations for $2.99, which is significantly less than the cost of nachos that aren’t made out of ice cream, last we checked. 

We think this is how it works — the waffle cone and brownie bits are the chips, the M&Ms are the tomatoes, the Snickers pieces are the onions, the chocolate syrup is the cheese, and the ice cream is the… beans? Or the chicken or whatever you get on nachos. Chili? Saying the ice cream is the chili seems a little gross. Who cares, it’s $2.99!

If you desperately need to have nachos for dinner and then nachos for dessert, you can find the Baskin-Robbins nearest you here. (As if you don’t already know.)

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