If you ever wanted to recreate a little Tom Hanks & Wilson from Castaway here's your chance. For the asking price, you can buy your very own private, pretty much deserted, island right here in Michigan.

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Butterfield Island, known as Island No. 7, is on the market for $475,000. Accessible only by boat, the 31 acre island is located northwest of Drummond Island. Just imagine...your own secluded island to escape the craziness of day to day life.

According to the Zillow listing, the island has an amazing protected sand beach with the south shore protected by two islands just waiting for a making it a great place for your dock. The island has a natural sand beach, a great fishing area, and beautifully wooded areas.  Although the island sits in U.S. waters it’s not very far from Canadian waters, so it is a great place for "freighter watching" the boats pass in the shipping channel and the Canadian Island of St. Joseph to the West.

In a recent interview with Mlive, listing agent Suzanne Sasso Kuusinen from Drummond Island Realty gave a little backstory to what the new owner will find on the island.

“Years ago, there was a cabin on the island and not long ago there was a tennis court on it, but for all intents and purposes, right now it’s a vacant island. It’s been vacant for years. If you look at the aerial photo, you can see some gray area. That is some concrete. Some people think that area might make a good helicopter pad or a good location for a cabin or something along those lines. That pad of cement is as much development as you’ll see on the island now.”

There's about 50 islands surrounding Drummond Island, and it will take you about a 15 minute boat ride to Butterfield Island. Think of the possibilities of what you can do with the property and give Suzanne Sasso Kuusinen a call at 877-493-5344 to start your adventure in island ownership. Take a look at Butterfield Island below.

Butterfield Island

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