Sit back, because we have found a house for sale that literally has things you never thought you would need, for obvious reasons. I mean they are pretty cool actually, but I just never once thought about adding them to the "My Dream Home" checklist, but you might.

A home on the market in Atlas Township is a cross between the basics and the eccentric. Listed for $2.1M. the estate sits on 110 acres of land that includes several private ponds, and one with its own bridge. The multi, and I mean multi, level decks are edged with beautiful landscaping and surrounded by your private nature preserve.

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The 4,000 square foot custom ranch has 6 bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms, and a master suite that's one for the books. Large and spacious, it has a fireplace and a bed that really "steps up" the game.....literally. There is an elevated platform for the bed complete with a mini staircase. The master bath also has its perks with a jacuzzi tub, bidet, and wall urinal.

But Wait, There's More....

In a world where working from home is becoming more the norm, this estate is a home office dream. There is a 3115 sq. ft. separate at-home office with its own conference room and 4 additional offices. The building has its own rec room, bar, fireplace, and a bedroom for those overnight clients.

The lower-level walkout features some unique, yet interesting additions. Chess fan? Challenge your friends and family with the near-to-life-size chess set. Need a little relaxation? Hop in the hot tub right in the middle of the room. Although the inside does impress, there's more outside to ponder.

Poolside Choo-Choo

Not knowing the owners, it's hard to say whether there is just a fascination or an actual emotional connection to trains, but whatever the case may be, the estate features its own caboose. Not tucked away as a collector's piece, or hidden in a garage, this bright blue caboose sits right on its own little piece of track right next to the in-ground pool. Once you get past the uncommon placement of the train, you'll notice the tennis courts as well.

It's quite the home, to say the least, and it can all be yours, for $2.1M. For more information contact, Jeffery Dawley at Atlas Real Estate.

This $2.6 M Genesee County Estate Comes Complete with its Own Poolside Train Caboose

Because every pool should have a train car right next to it right? This custom estate in AtlasTownship is unique, to say the least. With over 4,000 square feet that holds 4 1/2 baths and 6 bedrooms, the home comes with a separate 3115 sq. ft. independent full service, at-home office with conference room and 4 offices. Exciting additions include tennis courts, an in-ground pool with a train car just to add character, large private ponds, your own bridge, a floor-size chess set, and a pedestal bed in the master suite. All of this can be yours for just $2.6M. Take a look inside!

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