If you haven’t already gotten on the road to celebrate the holidays with friends and family – or run away from them – here are a few safety tips to make your holiday season a happy and secure one.

  • While we all love the element of supra, it’s best to let someone know when you are leaving and intend to arrive at a specific destination just in case you have an accident. If you are flying, share copies of your itinerary with your friends/family at home and where you are staying.
  • It might be against the law to drive and talk on a cell phone in most states, but it is still good to travel with a fully charged phone.
  • Don’t stop in underpopulated areas to ask for directions and always travel in well-lighted and busy areas.
  • Always keep your windows rolled up and doors locked.
  • Do not pick up hitchhikers. If someone is standing in the middle of the road drive slowly around them, if they refuse to move from the road contact police to assist them.
  • Always travel with an emergency kit – small first aid kit, bottled water, snacks, medication, phone chargers and a flashlight.
  • If you are traveling with family – especially kids – make sure to bring activities or games to pass the time.

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