Michigan health officials are warning anyone heading south to escape the Michigan winter, that Zika is still a very major health threat.

Dr. Eden Wells is the Michigan's Chief Medical Executive, and she is worried about people heading south for Spring Break.  The fact that Zika has not been in the headlines lately, does not mean that it is any less dangerous.  She quoted some statistics,

I think the research in the vaccine is improving but we already have 41 babies that have been born in the United States that are effected by Zika.

She has gone so far as to say that pregnant women, or couples that are hoping to become pregnant, should not travel to places where the Zika Virus has been found.

As a reminder, Zika is a virus that can be transmitted by mosquito's, and can lead to severe problems with unborn babies.  There have been Zika cases found in Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, The Caribbean, and South America.

If you are traveling to any of these locations in the near future, please take every precaution necessary to make sure you are safe.

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