On a recent quail-hunting trip, Hall of Famer and former Milwaukee Brewers shortstop Robin Yount accidentally shot his hunting partner, current Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum, in the ear. Apparently this National League Central division rivalry is fiercer than we thought.

Apparently the two men lost track of each other, and Sveum was the victim of an unlucky shot to his right ear. He's fine now, though apparently it did get a bit bloody at the time.

“He pulled the trigger, and I was like, ‘Uh oh,’” Sveum said. “Luckily I was just kind of climbing, looking for birds myself when it was behind me. So I got drilled with pellets in the back and one stuck in my ear.”

As everyone has pointed out—including Sveum—the incident recalls the time when then-Vice President Dick Cheney shot his friend and hunting partner in the face while quail hunting. Sveum referred to Yount as Cheney for the remainder of the trip.