In the heat of argument, people sometimes say some dumb things. For example, I once got in an disagreement with a coworker and told him that I was going to piss in his coffee. I didn't mean to say that. I meant to say "in his desk drawer" but it was all cleared up the next day when he reached into his desk drawer. He was so surprised he spit out the cup of piss I made him!

Anyway, we say nasty things to coworkers when we're stressed, and this guy is no different. Except he made reference to the Newtown school shooting when the printer went on the fritz.

"Township police were called out to Batallure Beauty LLC in the Carnegie Center on Wednesday when employees asked them to document the Jan. 31 incident in a report. No charges have been filed, and none will because the incident did not take place in the officers’ presence, Lt. Pat McCormick said this morning.


According to police, Donald Ardito was at work Jan. 31 with a colleague when they began arguing about the printer malfunction. Ardito allegedly became very upset and said: “If I had a gun, I’d take everyone out like Newtown.” Ardito does not own a gun, McCormick said."

So the printer goes down and this guy wants to shoot up the place? Doesn't anyone use baseball bats and rap music montages anymore?

The article goes on to mention that "Ardito said in a phone interview he had not been told he was fired." Hope they changed the key code already.