It’s been quiet on the Green Lantern front for some time now, and though Warner Bros.’ DCEU schedule is already a bit crowded, the studio is reportedly “moving aggressively” on Green Lantern Corps. WB has set Batman v Superman scribe David S. Goyer and screenwriter Justin Rhodes to script the upcoming film, which will feature both Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

According to Deadline, the vibe WB is going for with Green Lantern Corps is “Lethal Weapon in space” — because literally everything sounds cooler when you add “in space.” Go ahead, try it. Collateral Beauty…in space. Titanic…in space (wait, we tried that and it was bad). Blair Witch…in space (this is actually a neat idea, let’s do that one).

The studio has hired Goyer, whose credits also include Man of Steel, Batman Begins and the Blade trilogy, to collaborate with Justin Rhodes on the Green Lantern Corps screenplay, which is based on a story idea by Goyer and DC’s Geoff Johns. In addition to the DC project, Rhodes scripted the upcoming action thriller Unmanned and the Fantastic Voyage remake for Guillermo del Toro.

Green Lantern Corps will be an origin story that centers on the relationship between Hal Jordan and John Stewart, an African-American Marine sniper who joins the intergalactic police force. Fast & Furious star Tyrese Gibson has heavily lobbied for the role of Stewart, though WB has yet to begin formally casting the project, which does not yet have a release date.

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