Dan Banura of Grand Blanc is a single father of four and business owner who is now one step closer to adding 'American Ninja Warrior' to his credentials.

'American Ninja Warrior' has captured the hearts and minds of millions of Americans in the last few years and is now a much bigger event than it was in the years when it aired exclusively on G4 and rightfully so (Sorry, G4. We miss you). Regardless of the production budget or what network the physically and mentally grueling competition is seen on, it continues to increase in popularity because it is about the triumph of the human spirit, and that never gets old. Seriously, watch any Rocky movie. They still hold up (except part 5 or 6).

At the Kansas City qualifying round of ANW, which aired earlier this week, Grand Blanc's Dan Banura took his first steps on the difficult path to Mount Midoriyama. Many of the Kansas City hopefuls fell victim to the course's fifth obstacle -- Bungee Road -- but not Banura, who was able to breeze through the entire course relatively quick. He placed 12th among those who qualified with an impressive time of 1:55:34 and will now move onto the city finals. After watching the replay via DVR, we realized that Banura's run didn't make the broadcast. Hopefully, we'll see him in the city finals in the coming weeks.

Banura wasn't the only local at the K.C. qualifier though. Steven Maul, an autistic 21-year-old from Grand Rapids also achieved his life's dream with his inspiring run at the course, which you can see in the video below.

Livonia Firefighter Dennis Lappin participated again this year, which has to be one of the most impressive comebacks in show history. Lappin shredded his ACL last year attempting to qualify for 'American Ninja Warrior' in Denver, but was able to bounce back from his injury and complete the course. Though you could tell he was favoring the leg he injured, he still advanced onto the city finals with a time of 2:48:35, which put him in 29th place.

It's always exciting to cheer for local competitors, especially in a competition this fun to watch! We wish Dennis and Dan the best of luck! You can see 'American Ninja Warrior' Monday nights at 8p on NBC and catch replays in the days following on the Esquire Network.