Grand Blanc Township Police are cracking down on illegal street racing.

The police department in Grand Blanc Township has recently been made aware of a new drag racing hot spot and they are not happy. Apparently, street racers have taken to I-475 near Hill Road to get their races in. In a recent Facebook post, the Grand Blanc Township Police Department said they are going to put a stop to the races immediately.

The Grand Blanc Township Police Department will be assigning additional resources to keep this from happening. Those people that are intending to do any type of drag racing in the area should know the consequences in advance. If a driver gets involved with drag racing, they can be arrested for reckless driving and have their vehicle impounded. Not only that but spectators can also be cited.


Personally, I am glad they are going to crack down on this. I drive that particular stretch of I-475 quite often and that is the last thing I want to get stuck in the middle of. For many years now, the drag racing all over the county has annoyed me. For many years now, there was a certain stretch of Dort Highway that was used for drag racing on Friday and Saturday nights. After working late on those nights, the last thing I want to do is navigate that situation. It's 1 am, I'm tired, and don't have time for your renegade, makeshift, fast and the furious style road closures when all I want to do is get Taco Bell and go home. Sorry for the rant, but take it somewhere else.

Source: Grand Blanc Township Police Department

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