There will once again be a Carmody announcing games under the lights on Friday nights at Grand Blanc High School. Jonathan Carmody announced his first Grand Blanc High School Varsity game Tuesday night, picking up where his father, the late teacher and "Voice of the Bobcats", Charlie Carmody left off.

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Charlie Carmody, a staple at every Grand Blanc sporting event since his time as a student at the high school, passed away suddenly on March 29, 2017, at the age of just 54. Carmody WAS Grand Blanc High School. Those of us who knew him personally, I myself since I was a freshman at GBHS, will tell you that the man bled Red & Black.  Charlie had not only attended GBHS, but went on to be a popular math teacher at the school and become the familiar voice of football & basketball games for the Bobcats. He announced Varsity football games for 33 seasons.

The Next Generation

With his passing came a huge void in the community, with his friends, and his family which included his wife Christina, daughter Olivia, and son Jonathan. He was such a part of the school and their athletic program that people were unsure anyone could even come close to what Charlie brought to a game, but son Jonathan was waiting in the wings and had been learning from the best...his dad.

Jonathan was no stranger to the sports scene at GBHS, and was usually seen, even as a young child, joining his dad in the booth or courtside for games. It truly was in his blood, and he began himself announcing girl's freshman basketball games his junior year in high school. From there he took on more games including girl's junior varsity as well as boys freshman football, but Tuesday night, life came full circle.

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Another Carmody on the Mic at Grand Blanc High School

It would be Tuesday, January 25, 2022, that the boy's Varsity basketball game would again be announced by a Carmody...Jonathan Carmody.  Those in attendance, and those who watched the video like me, had chills hearing his voice, and noting so much of his father in it.

"I had so many emotions. So much pride, nervous for his first varsity game, and closing my eyes I hear his father. I know he’s so proud of him, and our whole family is too", mom Christina Carmody told us.

As for Jonathan, who graduated from GBHS in 2019 and is currently a student at U of M-Flint, it was a moment in the making for years,

"In terms of feelings, there wasn’t much. I felt more nervous prior to the Varsity game because it was my first time taking the reigns. I also had an odd feeling during the anthem prior to the Varsity game. It’s hard to describe, but it was the feeling that 'Wow, I’ve finally made it'.  Afterward, I just put on my headset and went to work", he said.

Like father, like son. Jonathan will take the helm as the "Voice of the Bobcats" in the fall for the Varsity football games and broadcast from the booth named after his late father...and by the way, Jonathan is getting his degree in be a math teacher.

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