Education has been tough throughout the pandemic, for both parents and teachers alike. With that, many districts are looking for better ways to utilize time spent in and out of school, and that includes scheduled days off. Now, one district is looking at making some remote days permanent on the calendar.

In a letter to parents last week, Grand Blanc Superintendent Trevar Alward discussed the district's Late Start Days. Those scheduled days have been used as a time for staff and professional planning. The district had planned to increase those Late Start Days from 6 to 8, but now there may be a change.

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In the letter, dated January 29, 2022, Alward notes that the pandemic and remote learning days provided some positive insight as to how best to utilize the scheduled time out of the classroom.

"Feedback that our staff received during pandemic recovery efforts has included that there are many benefits of "Remote Fridays" and the hybrid schedule. Numerous caregivers, students, and staff have commented on how these days were mutually beneficial for all parties, that they allow flexibility for families, continued instruction for students, and time for professional development for staff", the letter said.

The letter introduced the idea of getting rid of the Late Start Wednesdays and implementing six Remote Fridays in their place. These remote days would be half-days of education for students with staff having the other part of the day for their development & planning time.

Alward sent the letter to families in hopes of getting feedback prior to implementing the change for next year. The letter also included a survey to be considered by the Grand Blanc Board of Education and leadership for the district. You can read the complete letter below.

Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie

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