It's not often we get to golf in January on a lake in Michigan.

Everything about this seems wrong for most golfers out there. However, avid golfers like myself will take any chance we get to swing the clubs. Now we have that opportunity with the First Annual Woods Lake Winter Golf Classic in Kalamazoo!

What is the Woods Lake Winter Golf Classic?

The First Annual Woods Lake Winter Golf Classic is a 9-hole event that will take place on a frozen lake in Kalamazoo. The Winter Golf Classic is open for the whole family to participate and proceeds will benefit the First Tee of West Michigan, which is a nonprofit organization that uses golf to help teach life skills, values, and healthy habits to youth.

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The Woods Lake Winter Golf Classic will take place on Saturday, January 29th, 2022. It will feature 9-holes on the frozen lake, prizes, and a coffee rescue with hot chocolate and other drinks available to buy. Don't worry if you don't have clubs, you will be able to borrow some on the day of the event.

How much is this event and where will it take place?

Families or groups that wish to participate can register here or at the Kzoo Parks Office on Mills Street. Register before the day of the event for just $10 per family (group of six or less,) or the day of the event for $20 per family (group of six or less.)

The Woods Lake Winter Golf Classic will take place at Woods Lake Park at 2900 Oakland Drive in Kalamazoo.

***As long as Woods Lake is frozen to a safe depth, the event will take place as scheduled. If weather conditions don't allow, this event will be rescheduled.

Source: Kzoo Parks

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