State Senator John Gleason (D-Flushing) thanked generous contributors who are helping to draw attention to Michigan's new charitable license plate that supports Gift of Life and organ donation. Many businesses and organizations from across the state contributed to a billboard campaign to raise awareness to the cause.

Gleason, who received a kidney in 2001, said "there really is no gift more precious then the gift of life. I'm grateful every day for the opportunity I've been given. There are thousands of people in Michigan alone waiting on the donor list, hoping for that same chance. These efforts will save lives."

Senator Gleason has been a longtime supporter and advocate for organ and tissue donation. He has championed several legislative efforts including the organ donor identification on the driver's licenses and the new charitable license plate. Both efforts received broad bi-partisan support.

Bill Jackson, Executive Director of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Michigan, said "we're proud to partner with Senator Gleason on educating the public on this life saving issue. Every organ donor can change the lives of as many as 50 people. Educating even a handful of people can have a major impact."

The billboards will appear throughout Genesee County.

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