Prom season has arrived, but it was anything but a magical for one teen.

A girl in Maryville, Tenn., was ordered by school officials to cover up her dress because it showed too much and one teacher even told her, "Us big girls gotta cover up."

A photo of the dress in question wound up on Facebook.

The girl's father spoke with WATE and said:

An alteration to her dress broke after this picture was taken, causing the dress to be much more revealing once she was at the prom. The picture in the post shows a piece of lace that was added to make the dress more conservative. The girl’s parents said that the lace broke off, which made the neckline several inches lower and wider than in the picture. That’s when a teacher asked her to wear a jacket."

A spokeswoman for the school said there is no prom clothing policy when it comes to and neither the girl nor her parents issued any complaints about the incident.

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