The mass shooting at Oxford High School last month has led to numerous school threats, including several here in Genesee County. Detroit TV station Fox 2 had an opportunity to get an inside look at the Children's Village, the secure detention center where kids who make threats against schools in Oakland County are held.

What's It Like Inside Children's Village Detention Center?

Heather Calcaterra is the director of Children's Village. She offered a guided tour of the facility noting that the building is secure and that as detainees are moved throughout the building, the door behind closes before the next door.

Calcaterra's tour began in an area she referred to as a 'Sally Port' where children enter in handcuffs and sometimes foot shackles.

Kids are fingerprinted, have a mugshot taken, and are given a Children's Village uniform which they wear for the duration of their stay.

Children's Village is Not a Comfortable Place to Stay

As you'll see in the video below, each cell is equipped with a mattress on top of a concrete slab. There's a combination sink/toilet near the bed.

Calcaterra noted that the holding facility where children stay while they're waiting for their day in court "is not pretty."

"This is what happens sometimes when young people make threats or do things in the community that cause them to be court-ordered to the village."


Numerous Threats Have Led to Arrests

The TV station reports that 23 kids are currently being detained for making threats against area schools. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard says they've investigated about 140 threats and have had threat from children as young as six years old.

Calcaterra stressed the importance of talking to kids about the seriousness of threats.

"We cannot assume that they understand the severity of their actions," she said. "We cannot assume that they understand the consequences of their actions, and I think, more importantly, we can’t assume that they’re okay."


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