Here are a few areas in Genesee County that you might want to avoid going forward according to 2018 car accident data.

I look at this list and immediately identify with almost every intersection on here. They are either dangerous because of unrealistic expectations, or bad drivers. The number one intersection on the list is a good mix of both.

Check out the locations below and then let us know if you deal with any of these areas on a daily basis. The list is put together from data provided by Michigan Auto Law.

10. Dort Highway & Grand Blanc Road - 27 accidents / 15 injury

This is an intersection that people who are traveling 55+ are forced to stop at. It also doesn't help that it is extremely busy during rush hour times.

9. Hill Road & Fenton Road - 29 accidents / 13 injury

One of the busiest intersections in Genesee County. Hill Rd is used by many people to get from US23 to I75, so it is especially congested during afternoon drive. Most times accidents are caused here by people trying to force a left turn instead of waiting through another light.

8. Linden Road & Pierson Road - 30 accidents / 8 injury

I think the main cause of problems here is the construction that has been going on over the last year. Normally this intersection moves fairly smoothly, and aside from the terrible road conditions, is never usually that bad.

7. Corunna Road & Linden Road - 32 accidents / 9 injury

Basically the same situation as Linden and Pierson roads. Normally things move fairly well here, but recent construction has slowed it up quite a bit.

6. Corunna Road & Ballenger Road - 33 accidents / 8 injury

I was surprised this was in the top 10 again this year. After left turn changes were made on Ballenger, it seemed to move quite a bit better. I think the amount of cars moving in an out of the businesses at this intersection probably lead to most of the crashes.

5. Bristol Road & Grand Traverse St - 36 accidents / 8 injury

People exiting and entering I-475 have to deal with this intersection all the time. The main problem is having a left turn lane that is about half the length that it needs to be. Cars end up blocking both lanes of Bristol Road waiting to turn left to get on to 475.

4. Lapeer Road & State Road - 37 accidents / 5 injury

An expressway, a ton of businesses, and nowhere to put all the cars. That about sums up why this intersection can get to be so dangerous.

3. Miller Road & I-75 - 41 accidents / 9 injury

Have you every tried to exit 75 to get onto Miller Road? I feel like it's a roll of the dice every single time I do it. The problem is that getting onto 75 from Miller is no better.

2. Corunna Road & I-75 - 41 accidents / 3 injury

Try getting your car up to 70mph after a 90 degree turn on the entrance ramp. Wait . . . substitute entrance ramp with "extremely short lane that ends before you even have a chance to accelerate."

1. Chavez Drive & Robert T. Longway BLVD - 49 accidents / 28 injury

I deal with this intersection at least three days a week. There would be no issue at all if drivers followed one rule.

When turning left, stay in the lane you started in. 

Ultimately everyone is trying to get on to 475 right there, and they don't realize that you have to be in the second lane from the left to do that. Most people pull into the left lane, then realize at the last minute that they have to move to the right. Then they realize they need to call their insurance company because they've just side swiped the car next to them.

Do you have any intersections that you think should be on this list?

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