On Saturday, Genesee County Clerk John Gleason posted this on his Facebook page regarding the upcoming special election primary on March 12th:

Received the first mailing from Wood Stanley today. Wood appears to have good cross section of supporters according to his mailer. I think with the mix of candidates Wood should be the favorite. Five dems running, Wood will have his traditional supporters and this should win it for him. From the clerks office it appears to be heavy absentee action. Wood will have a decided edge with AV votes.

In his post, Gleason is referring to current State Representative Woodrow Stanley who is running for the 27th District State Senate seat that became available in January of this year. Gleason himself previously held this seat but gave it up when he ran for and won the position of Genesee County Clerk last November. Stanley is being challenged for the Democratic nomination by another State Representative, Jim Ananich, and others for the opportunity to run in the May 7th special election.

One of Gleason's role as Genesee County Clerk is as the chief election official for the county. Below is the role of a clerk's responsibilities in elections taken directly from the Genesee County website:

The County Clerk is the chief election official of the County and, therefore, supervises all national, state, and local elections.

In his post, Gleason already says that "from the clerk's office it appears to be heavy absentee action." Does Gleason already know something that non-absentee voters do not? With his role as the chief overseer of elections in the county, was this right for him to post?

I myself find it highly unethical that Gleason wrote this post. Have we not learned anything from the 2000 presidential election when networks were calling Florida and the election for Al Gore causing those who hadn't voted yet to turn away from the booths?

What are your thoughts on this?


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