Freelancing allows you to make money on your own terms without permanent employment, but it also means you don’t have access to certain perks like group insurance, administrative support and job growth assistance. Though, since a reported 30 percent of the US workforce is now freelance, that has changed.

A group called Freelancers Union is just one of many organizations whose mission is to help freelancers have access to the same perks that full-time employees receive. For example, a member of the Freelancers Union can pay a standard employee premium and receive the same kind of insurance coverage he would have in a full-time position. The union also has a job board members can use to connect with possible employers.

Other sites like, and also give freelancers a place to post profiles, find opportunities for work and even download paperwork and contracts to use. Now, even local chambers of commerce and job assistance programs can help freelancers access opportunities, benefits and administrative support.

No longer does freelancing mean you are navigating the business world on your own. Small businesses are what will keep our economy growing, and supporting the smallest of small businesses benefits everyone.

[via Wall Street Journal]

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