The Fourth of July is almost here!

One of my favorite holidays of the year is right around the corner. The Fourth of July is always filled with BBQ, beer, friends, family, and of course, fireworks. So start planning ahead to figure out where you are going to watch the fireworks this year.

I do have to say that I was a little disappointed when I began to look for fireworks displays this year. It doesn't seem like there are as many shows this year as there have been in the previous years, but I could be missing some. Nonetheless, there are still some great displays for you to check out. See the list of fireworks displays that I have found so far below. These shows are taking place in Genesee County and the Mid-Michigan area.

Bay City Fireworks Festival

  • June 30th through July 2nd, 2022 at 10:15 pm
  • Wenona Park at 111 Center Avenue in Bay City

Fenton Freedom Festival

  • Monday, July 4th, 2022
  • Silver Lake Park in Fenton

Frankenmuth Fire Works Display

  • Sunday, July 3rd, 2022 around 9:30 pm
  • Heritage Park in Frankenmuth (show viewable throughout the city)

Lake Ponemah Fireworks

  • Sunday, July 3rd, 2022
  • Fireworks launched from an island on Lake Ponemah (Ponemah Lakeside Lodge is a great place to watch this display)

Holly Fireworks Display

  • Monday, July 4th, 2022
  • Lakeside Memorial Cemetery at 860 Thomas Street in Holly

Wherever you watch the fireworks, whether it be in the backyard or a professional display, be sure to have a safe and fun Fourth of July! Let the explosions begin!

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