Who says you can't have a luxurious home in Flint? Check out the most expensive house currently for sale with a Flint address, which could be yours for just under $500,000.

The house at the mailing address 6085 Covered Wagon Trail (Flint, MI 48532) is a 5,384 square foot, 5 bedroom single-family home located near Beecher and Elms. If you want to get technical, it is in Flint Township, but it has a Flint address so we're counting it. Quick side-note -- Have you ever noticed that big houses always have more bathrooms than bedrooms? This one has 6 1/2. It's like they know you'll be entertaining a lot of guests with such an awesome crib.

This house has a pretty awesome layout but you're probably wondering, "what comes with a house that is listed for $449,900?" The better question is, "What doesn't?"

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