Last week, we brought you the most expensive house for sale with a Flint address. Now we travel to the other side of the rainbow to see just how far you can stretch $200 in the 810.

Finding the cheapest house in Flint isn't easy. Lots of times your search will just land you on a vacant lot or a monthly price for a land contract or a rental, etc. There are also several auction homes with starting prices lower than what we'll show you, but those are subject to change. We wanted the house with the lowest -- to put it in eBay terms -- "Buy it now" price, not a hypothetical "lowest bid" price. We decided to feature two houses. After seeing the first one, you'll understand why.

Home #1 is a 1,584 sq. foot colonial style manor with 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms and almost nothing but potential. Located just over a mile north of Flint's vibrant downtown scene, the home at 224 Josephine Street (Flint, MI 48503) would work perfectly as a a cozy place to store your army of stray cats. Sure it could use a few hundred gallons of paint, a ton of drywall and pretty much everything else you need to build a house, but at just a $210 asking price, who could complain?

Home #2 is a bit more pricey than Home #1 and a few others we found, but we decided to include it because, unlike those homes, it appears that you might be able to live in this one right now (unless of course there is some major unseen problem, which there very well could be). It's an 894 sq. foot 2 bedroom/1 bathroom home near MLK and Stewart on Flint's North Side. The home at 406 E Pulaski Ave (Flint, MI 48505) needs some TLC, but is available for just $2,000.

Remember, there are two houses in the gallery below, both are identified in the photo and the gallery captions as either "Home #1" or "Home #2."