The City of Flint is getting a monetary hand to help small businesses.

For the next two years, the City of Flint will receive a one million dollar grant to help small businesses in underserved communities. This grant will be funded by the Small Business Association, which is part of the Community Navigator Pilot Program.

Many different entrepreneurs will be given assistance during the economic recovery. Some of the assistance will come in the form of financial assistance and access to capital, contracting and procurement, marketing, operations, business development, exporting, and industry-specific training. This particular grant will allow organization to support a region, municipality, city, tribal, or rural community with less than 500,000 people and will begin starting in December.

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Several organizations in Flint will help lead the Community Navigator Pilot Program with the City of Flint. Those organizations include:

  • 100k Ideas. This organization will help with direct services such as idea assessments, prototyping, brand and website development, and CAD design.
  • Best Practices Consulting, LLC. Best Practices will help with enrolling disadvantaged entrepreneurs in workshops and other helpful resources.
  • Factory Two. Factory Two will help with 200 free checkout classes to participants, as well as assist in the creation of signs, banners, and decals.
  • The Flint Development Center and the Friends of Berston Field House will help with reaching disadvantaged entrepreneurs in the area.
  • The Latinx Technology and Community Center will help to provide direct services to small businesses along with providing translation services.
  • University of Michigan-Flint will help with technical assistance, coaching, and business plan assistance.
  • XLerateHealth will provide four sessions of a pre-accelerator program.

Source: Mid-Michigan Now

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